contextualise editorial offers editorial and content provision services for print and online publications with expertise in the areas of

  • B2B or consumer publications
  • newsletter content and layout
  • business profiles
  • ESL copywriting for non-native English speakers

Editing Services

Quality Control for Your Copy

contextualise editorial services include:

  • copy editing
  • proofreading
  • layout editing
  • thesis copy editing and proofreading, particularly for ESL students
  • content editing and proofreading multipage documents such as tender applications and course materials

using Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat Professional and Adobe InDesign. We specialise in copy editing, layout editing and proof reading for multi-page documents including reports and technical manuals, community publications, theses and dissertations for a range of business, government and not-for profit organisations and individuals. No matter how good your writing is, it can be ruined by spelling mistakes, typos, incorrect grammar and layout errors. Let contextualise be your second pair of eyes to pick up those little glitches that you might not notice, but your readers will! Our editing and proof reading service will ensure your publication is perfect in every way. Magazines, newsletters and web pages also benefit from an expert pair of eyes to avoid annoying errors and improve your style and readability. In fact, whatever your publication, it needs a quality control expert’s touch! We can also pass an expert eye over your layout, whether it’s in InDesign, Word or Adobe Professional, and make sure that everything fits neatly on the page and is easy on the readers’ eyes. For examples,  visit the Editing page. Please contact me at for quotes on any project.

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  • American (US) English
  • British (UK) English
  • Australian English
  • Canadian English

contextualise editorial provides a specialist ESL (English as a Second Language) copy editing and proofreading service to businesses, government departments, academics and students who write in languages other than English, but wish to publish or promote their products and services into English language markets. No matter how excellent your writing is in your own language, inaccurate translation will downgrade it and create a poor impression of your abilities to your prospective readership or market. This is vitally important if your aim is publication in peer-reviewed or prestigious journals. It is equally important if you are promoting your business products and services! With a high level of proficiency in grammar, spelling, punctuation and word usage, Sue Cartledge has over a decade of experience in copy writing in Australian, British, Canadian and American forms of English for academic, government and business use. For more information about contextualise editorial ESL editing services, contact me on

Content Provision

On Time, On Target

Do you want an article, newsletter or web page content rewritten from your own material? Or would you rather I supplied content from material researched and written by me? Whether it’s 500 words or 5000 words, contextualise editorial can provide the right copy on time at a competitive price. Targeted information direct to your audience. Have an idea for an article, but not confident about writing it yourself? I am happy to work with you to create the copy you would like to write, but need a helping hand with. For examples of content, visit the Writing page for recent print and online articles, or Archive for earlier material. Please contact me at for a quote on your writing project