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Villa Serena, at Robina, on the Gold Coast, is a Mediterranean style complex, designed to be reminiscent of a grand Italian or Spanish villa. It has wide verandahs, a light and airy atmosphere, gracious dining and lounge rooms and a central courtyard with a stunning fountain.

Opened in September 2002, Villa Serena is operated by Advanced Age Care Services, and provides low care, high care and special care for residents suffering from dementia in a boutique extra service facility.

Because many of the 107 residents suffer from dementia, the complex has a secure high care area, the Villetta, and a dedicated low care area for these special residents.

The Villetta has 20 private rooms with ensuite, a central kitchen dining lounge area and an activities room.

Polyflor floor products were specified for the whole of Villa Serena and have endured six years of constant mopping, polishing and daily wear from trolleys and furniture being moved around.

Yet, Villa Serena manager Gae Munsie says the floors look “as good as new”.

Slip resistance for safe path to the bathroom

While the bedrooms in the Villetta are carpeted, PolySafe Vogue slip resistant flooring is used to good effect in an area about one and a half metres wide between the bed and the ensuite bathroom.

Ms Munsie says her staff have a very good toiletting program for residents who have problems with continence – but little accidents do of course happen!

So it was essential to have a non-slip area of floor in the bedrooms that was also easy to clean.

PolySafe Vogue has a guaranteed R10 slip resistance rating which is warranted by Polyflor for 10 years. Quartz crystals, aluminium oxide and silicon carbide particles incorporated throughout the full thickness of the vinyl improve traction and safety underfoot.

The colour chosen for the Villetta bedrooms was Firestar, a deep mottled red, which complements the colours of gold and green and brown in the carpet.

This red strip of resilient PolySafe Vogue acts as a pathway to the bathroom. It is very easy to clean, Ms Munsie says. “The floor is mopped daily and never needs polishing.”

Despite six years of daily use and daily cleaning “there is no sign of wear at all”.

Elegant parquetry without the maintenance hassles

Villa Serena has three dining rooms to cater to the tastes of different residents – spaces ranging from small and cosy to a restaurant style room.

All three dining room floors are finished in elegant parquet, as befits a grand villa. Yet despite the warm and gracious effect of the parquet, the flooring is not wood, with all its attendant cleaning and maintenance problems.

The floors are covered in Polyflor Expona plank, a vinyl wood plank gives the look and feel of real wood, but, unlike wood planking is low maintenance, decreasing the floor’s life cycle impact on the environment.

Expona is available in wide collection of wood designs from standard to rustic effects with authentic textures. The parquetry design on the Villa Serena dining floors is in Stained Birch, with a box border of Stained Maple.

Lounge room that doubles as a ball room

Villa Serena has three spacious lounge rooms, decorated like the whole facility in a style of understated elegance.

The main lounge also features a floor of Polyflor Expona parquetry. Ms Munsie says the warmth of the wood-look flooring complements the semi-formal but comfortable furniture in the dining rooms and this lounge – light and elegant dining chairs upholstered in suede, and classic sofas, chaises and coffee tables.

This large room is used daily as an activities room for recreations such as bowls, bingo, cards and arts and crafts. To make room for some of these activities, the furniture is generally pushed out of the way against the walls, and moved back afterwards.

On several occasions over the last six years, this large room has also hosted balls, rock’n’roll and tap dancing evenings!

The furniture is pushed back, the music starts, and the parquetry floor takes all the action as residents, staff and family and friends enjoy a night of musical fun!

Despite the constant wear and tear of furniture being moved around on a daily basis, to say nothing of the pounding of dancing feet, the Polyflor Expona plank floor shows no sign of wear or marking.

“it’s very easy to clean,” Ms Munsie says. “Of course moving the furniture makes marks on the floor, but they just polish off.”

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