Sample clinical teaching manual, edited in Adobe Acrobat

Shows some corrections made using Adobe Acrobat Professional in one of two clinical teaching manuals edited for the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre at Royal Darwin Hospital.

Both manual drafts were in pdf format, and were complex documents of more than 200 pages, with diagrams, photos, and layout themes already in place. They needed extensive copy editing to correct spelling and grammar errors as well as improve sentence or paragraph flow without ‘dumbing down’ technical information.They also required some layout editing. I edited these manuals using Adobe Acrobat Professional, and I supplied detailed notes in a Word document explaining the changes and why they were necessary.

Skills required: Good understanding of grammar, punctuation and correct use of language; familiarity with technical medical terms; understanding publication’s readership – their information requirements and reading ability; ability to rewrite awkwardly written work; attention to detail for proofing and layout correction; familiarity with Adobe Acrobat Professional and Microsoft Word.

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