Complex multipage document of many sections, PDF edit

Like the previous clinical manual edit shown here, this was a complex multipage document made up of many sections patched together in chapters. It needed extensive copy editing and some structural editing to rearrange and even replace whole sections, and to correct spelling and grammar errors and improve sentence or paragraph flow without ‘dumbing down’ technical information.

The layout contained introductions and headings in poor colour choices which were difficult to read online or in print. Diagrams and photos were often of too low a resolution for print, and vital details were indistinct. Many of these layout problems could not be corrected in the Adobe Acrobat Pro document, but needed highlighting for the graphic artist to correct. As with the previous edit, I provided detailed notes in a separate MS Word document explaining the necessity for each change.

Skills required: Good understanding of grammar, punctuation and correct use of language; familiarity with technical medical terms; understanding publication’s readership – their information requirements and reading ability; ability to rewrite awkwardly written work; attention to detail for proofing and layout correction; familiarity with Adobe Acrobat Professional and Microsoft Word.

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